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Onkyo DP-X1A

Onkyo DP-X1A

Brand: Onkyo
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Onkyo has blazed a trail for Hi-Res audio, starting with our home oriented amplifiers, speakers, to our portable oriented portable amps, headphones, and smartphone apps, all with lineups that support Hi-Res. Introducing our Hi-Res digital audio player (DAP). It incorporates our knowhow as a audio maker, enabling Hi-Res audio and streaming wherever you go.

The DP-X1A was designed to support as many audio formats as possible. Maxing out at 11.2MHz DSD support, the DP-X1A also supports up to 384kHz/24bit audio. With support for WAV, FLAC, ALAC, MQA, AIFF, the DP-X1A has class leading support for audio formats. And with its 2.5mm 4 pole balanced output, 3.5mm 3 pole headphone jack, micro USB-B/OTG digital output, and wireless playback options, the DP-X1A offers plenty of ways to enjoy music.

With 64GB of internal storage and dual micro SDXC card slots, storage can be expanded to 464GB. With up to 16 hours of playback*, carry an expansive library of Hi-Res audio and listen for extended periods of time.

Incorporating 2 units of ESS Technology DAC "ES9018K2M" and AMP "SABRE 9601K" each allows for extreme high resolution audio and component audio design philosophy while still maintaining a realistic power envelop for a portable device.



Component placement of the Twin DAC and Twin Headphone AMP based on symmetric circuit design for shortest and equal distance for greater control over balanced signal.



Balanced output via the 2.5mm 4 pole supports the more standard "BTL" drive as well as the more esoteric "ACG (Active Control GND)" drive. ACG drive is a different form of balanced drive where the amp's COLD side actively drives to create an ideally stable GND. Power gains and increased sound separation associated with balanced output are repurposed to create increased stability for a clean signal and greater sound clarity, especially compared to unbalanced drive.


  • ■ Dual ESS Technology DAC "ES9018K2M" and Amp "SABRE 9601K"
  • ■ Standard Balanced (BTL) and Active Control Ground (ACG) modes
  • ■ 2.5mm 4 pole and 3.5mm 3 pole output
  • ■ Audio circuit board (DAC/Amp board) separated and isolated from Main circuit board (CPU board)
  • ■ Closed loop circuit design to limit noise
  • ■ Physical buttons for quick access to music transport control without the need to turn on screen
  • ■ Support for up to 464GB of storage (up to 200GB per micro SD slot and 64GB internal storage)
  • ■ Based on Android OS and access to Google PlayTM
  • ■ Micro USB-B/OTG digital output
  • ■ Included accessory: Micro USB cable (1.0m) x1, for power and data transfer