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Fender FXA6

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The FXA6 Pro In-Ear Monitors by Fender offer serious musicians and audiophiles a detailed reproduction of their sound on stage thanks to tried-and-tested, patented technology. Crystal-clear and transparent, these in-ears leave nothing to the imagination when it comes to deep bass and brilliant highs. If you're in the market for musical precision, these in-ear monitors offer just that, both on stage and off! Because of a low impedance of just 16 ohms, the FXA6 in-ears maintain great clarity and articulation, even when used for listening to music via your MP3 player or smartphone.
The 3D-printed shell of the FXA6s is the result of a process called Digital Hybrid Technology, for which thousands of ears were scanned to create a universal, accurate fit. Their snug-fitting SureSeal tips make these in-ear monitors comfortable to wear, even for extended periods of time.