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Naim Mu-so

Naim Mu-so

Brand: Naim
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Naim's first entry into the wireless speaker market, and it's an absolute belter. It may command a premium price, but you won't be disappointed. What Hi-Fi Sound & Vision Award Winner 2014

Used by professionals and audiophiles around the world, Naim Audio is considered to be one of the very best audio companies around. Now, with the Mu-so, you can experience that same dedication to sound quality in a convenient and easy to use wireless system.

At the heart of the Mu-so is a six-channel amplifier with a total output of 450 watts. Tuned by the same engineers that produce amplification costing tens of thousands of pounds, you can be assured that this amp is as good as you'll get at the price. Matching this is a similarly

impressive speaker array. Soft dome tweeters and separate mid-range units are matched by twin, dedicated bass woofers. This complete array ensures the highest clarity throughout the frequency response. From the deepest bass to the highest treble, there's always a dedicated amplifier and speaker unit on hand to do it justice.

Amongst hi-fi experts, Naim are revered for the 'timing' or sense of rhythm their products portray. The Mu-so is no different and manages to make many rivals sound cold and cynical by comparison. If you want to feel the soul of the music then no other speaker system around this price will match the sense of timing and cohesion on offer here.

Whatever you want to connect up, the Mu-so has it covered. If you've got an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch you can connect up with Apple AirPlay and stream your iTunes music collection straight to the speaker. Also standard is Bluetooth. This works with the vast majority of smartphones and tablets and supports apt-X for enhanced sound quality. If that's not enough, the Naim Muso also offers UPnP (Universal Plug and Play) compatibility via Wi-Fi or Ethernet to connect up to your home network system. Once connected you can stream music from your PC, Mac or NAS (Network Attached Storage) drive.

Download the highly developed Naim app on your Apple iOS or Android device and you'll be able to take advantage of the vTuner Internet radio system. Offering thousands of stations from around the world, Internet radio not only offers choice but also the potential for superior sound quality, thanks to the superior codecs available to the radio stations. Should you be a fan of Spotify, the Mu-so is also compatible with the hugely popular Spotify Connect

Thanks to its low-profile stance, optical input for your TV and wide soundstaging, the Naim Mu-so also makes an excellent soundbar. In the case of the Mu-so, what's good for your music is just as good for your TV sound. If your TV doesn't have an optical output, there's also a 3.5mm analogue input

The cabinet not only looks great, it's also designed for the lowest distortion levels. Using a wooden cabinet wrapped with aluminium gives a far more natural sound than is typically delivered by a plastic casing. The large aluminium heatsink at the back doesn't just look funky it also performs the vital job of dissipating the heat generated by 450 hard-working watts! Other exquisite design details include the control panel which features two patents-pending; including the seamless integration of the Wi-Fi connectivity, neglecting the need for an ugly aerial.