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Light Harmonic Stella

Light Harmonic Stella

Brand: Light Harmonic
Product Code: Stella
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Light Harmonic is an American brand, its home  and car audio system has earned countless awards such as What HI FI and Hi-Fi Choice etc .They introduced the world's first DaVinci 384K multi-bit R2R DAC in 2011 . Moreover , they coporate with Tesla to release the premium car audio system model x and s. For now, they adopt the same technology on portable hi-fi system and release the first hybid iem stella with Advanced Technologies for the sound chamber.


Stella inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s unique painting Starry Night, Light Harmonic designed and created Stella over two years. It matches perfectly with new generations of Hi-res music DAPs and DACs. With an inky black background, Stella effortlessly reaches the highest frequency with incredibly detailed and smooth extension.


  • Sound Chamber : Patent pending HBSC Hexagon structure for zero resonance and new level of clarity.
  • Front housing : Fine tuned copper alloy CAAD for natural passive damping.
  • Drivers : Beryllium dynamic driver with Dual balanced armatures in ESDD diffusor. Hand matched with best precision.
  • Crossover : Zero phase error circuit with highest rade passive components
  • Cables : 6N Furutech Pure Copper with Silver Plated Cable in Both Single-Ended and Balanced.