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Comply SX100

Comply SX100

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Introducing a SweatGuard™ that prevents moisture from entering your earphones, the Sport Plus tips feature a stay-in-place fit, amazing all-day comfort and superior sound quality combined to make sure your music moves when you move so you never have to miss a beat.

SweatGuard™ : Tips are designed with an acoustically-transparent filter that safeguards earphones from moisture damage.

No-slip memory foam : Activated by body heat, the foam conforms to the ear’s dynamic shape for a stay-in-ear fit so your earphones stay in place and you don’t have any interruptions to your routine.

Blocks noise : Memory foam creates an optimal seal, blocking distracting external noise and keeping you in the zone.

Soft comfort : 30 times softer than standard silicone tips to reduce irritation and fatigue, allowing you to take your workout to the max.


Colors: Black

Foam Height: Small, Medium, and Large: 9.91 mm ± 0.6 mm (0.390” ± 0.025”)

Diameter at proximal end (end attaching to device):

  • Small: 11.56 mm ± 0.75 mm (0.455” ± 0.030”)
  • Medium: 12.83 mm ± 0.75 mm (0.505” ± 0.030”)
  • Large: 14.10 mm ± 0.75 mm (0.555” ± 0.030”)

Materials: Polyurethane foam, thermoplastic elastomer (all RoHS compliant)

Inside diameter of core: Depends on earphone design.