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Pandora - 10 wire - Combine the use of 99.9992% Pure Silver (Certified by SGS) hybrid with Gol..
Samurai III - 4 wire - The First IEM cable make use of Platinum Alloy (Approx 98.5% Silver, 1%..
Super Nova MKIII三頻平衡中性,音色微暖,音場立体及樂器結像清晰。 每條導體的表面都塗上了Labkable最新開發的AOC抗氧化塗層,除解決了一般線材經長時間使用後變色及氧化問題,經A..
- Combine the use of Silver-Gold, Alloy plated _x000D_ OCC- Combine the use of Silver-Gold, Alloy _..
Titan-Ag 10 wire -  Use of OCC Silver as conductors. - Labkable WeaveTech cable struct..