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日本匠心手工製作 CW-L77的Universal IEM通用版本 三路八單元設計,分別為4高、2中、2低 調音取向尤其適合搖滾與流行曲音樂 鋁合金高精度雙孔耳管,讓輸出的聲音表..
Made in the USA using proprietary memory foam materials for the ultimate in-ear headphone upgrade. ..
圈鐵中階入手作 EarSonics BLADE 法製的 EarSonics BLADE 為三單元圈鐵入耳式耳機,同時為 EarSonics 的「HYBRID」系列最新型號。 BLADE 以..
EarSonics STARK -46%
圈鐵高階作 EarSonics STARK 法製的 EarSonics STARK為五單元圈鐵入耳式耳機,同時是「HYBRID」系列BLADE的高階型號。 STARK 採用了陽極化的鋅和鎂..
$12,900 $6,999
Fender Audio Design Lab (ADL) 專業耳機去年推出以來已成功在高階市場佔一席位,今年為系列再添一員,全新Ten 2耳機針對中階市場,有著更重金屬感的外殼,而且紅、藍..
Fender Ten 5 (IEM版) - 具感染力的監聽耳機 Fender打造出全新 Audio Design Lab 系列專業耳機,由Nine1、Ten 3、Ten 5 ..
Fender Thirteen6 (IEM版) - 混合式皇者降臨 Fender打造出全新 Audio Design Lab 系列專業耳機,由Nine1、Ten 3、Ten 5&nbs..
Fender Zero 4 — ADL系列首對純動鐵單元 Fender是混合式單元耳機的先鋒之一,不過推出純動鐵單元耳機都有極佳的評價,FXA9不單只面板色彩獨特,極高的分析力、平衡..
FiiO 旗艦六單元動鐵耳機【FA9】 在FA9身上,FiiO 傾盡心力加入了更多精彩元素,旗艦級樓氏六單元動鐵配置、精妙絕倫的鑽石切割面板、精密設計的三音管四分頻、80.6mm超長聲學導管、迷..
Features : 首設採用 8mm 高分子異材振膜並加上精準配置的磁鐵,以達到低失真易驅動的好處,並且令聲音更平順自然 後聲腔:HBSC 六角形聲腔結構設計,減少傳統封閉式耳機諧振..
Light Harmonic is an American brand, its home  and car audio system has earned countless awards..
Noble Aluminum KAISER 10 Universal PREORDER
The critically acclaimed Kaiser 10 in-ear monitor, now available in a precision machined aluminium h..
Noble Django PREORDER
The ‘D’ is silent. Django is a musically engaging piece that maintains a well-balance..
Noble Dulce Bas PREORDER
Dulce Bass (sweet bass) is our most bass-heavy configuration designed to deliver visceral low-end re..
Perhaps the most subjectively balanced in-ear monitor Dr. John has designed thus far; now updated in..
NuForce HEM1 -38%
Features: Using Knowles™‘s full-range balanced armature driver which demonstrates ..
$799 $499
Sennheiser's new CX 1.00 headphones offers a powerful sound experience with a deep and punchy ba..
The universal upgrade. A genuine Sennheiser product, the new CX 2.00 headset has the rich and v..
High-quality earphones offering detailed sound reproduction and enhanced bass response. Ready to use..
The Power Pack. Sennheiser’s CX 5.00 delivers all of the impressive sound quality and sup..
Sennheiser IE800S In Ear Headphones Earphones Sleek and compact, the IE 800 S is a giant whe..
Free yourself from the wired connection and bask in the glorious sound quality Sennheiser are renown..
Shure Premium Remote + Mic Lightning Accessory Cable (RMCE-LTG) enables Shure SE Earphones with deta..
Detailed, lifelike sound with extended bass elevates audio performance in a convenient and portab..