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Supra Nitro In-Ear

Supra Nitro In-Ear

Brand: Supra
Product Code: Nitro
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The NiTRO In-Ear includes latest digital technology and a distinct proprietary sound design developed for today's smartphones. NiTRO meets consequently all requirements from our new classification called 'New Generation of Sound'._x000D_
In accordance to our 'No Nonsense' philosophy, we have used only the best materials available. Kevlar© for strain relief, Carbon for endurance and Titanium for ruggedness. There's no mystery with us being a Swedish Air Force appointed supplier._x000D_
The vast majority of today's earphones are poorly suited for the purpose. We soon realized that we need a driver with a specifically tuned impedance giving clean, less 'strained' sound and saving precious battery life. The sound stage is developed to suit all music styles, but also film, video and speech sounds. Powerful bass, fine tuned mid and a crystal clear, smooth, high distinguish the beautifully balanced harmonics of the 'New Generation of Sound'._x000D_
"A chain is only as strong as its weakest link". The cable links the source to the driver and plays a key role in this equation. A signal, inadequately transmitted through a poor cable, will sound poorly. The flat, tangle free Supra Cable is built from the following highest standard materials; 99.99999% pure copper strands, Kevlar© reinforced strain relief and a gold plated, highly flexible bend relief, 3.5mm connector, sums up a cable in the premium league.