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VentureCraft  SounDroid VALOQ 6GB

VentureCraft SounDroid VALOQ 6GB

Brand: VentureCraft
Product Code: VALOQ 6GB
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Full balance analog circuit design /2 .5mm 4 pole 
Complete full balance circuit design just does differential output of DAC and adopts product made in Analog Devices, Inc. AD8397 which can drive big load by straightness superior to Headphones amplifier. 

Straight PCM384k/32bit, native reproduction of DSD128 (5.6MHz/1bit)
PCM384k/32bit, native reproduction of DSD128 (5.6MHz/1bit) allow DAC part by all circuit design including Asahi Kasei electronics (AKM) "VERITA AK4490". 

We up-convert in real time and function 
This plane SRC part adopts Asahi Kasei electronics (AKM) "AK4137" new generation flagship VERITA 32-bit sampling rate converter. As for conversion, the compression sound source, is more than CD for sound quality that DSD (5.6MHz) or PCM (384k/32bit) converts input PCM data, and output, and is more than CD in; become of high-quality sound; is realization by pulse-like sound. 

Exchangeable op-amp constitution of venture craft tradition 
We can change DAC output part low-pass filter op-amp part of SounDroid VALOQ to op-amp to favorite sound quality of user (it becomes self-responsibility of visitor). 

It is adopted high-quality sound biShay Corporation merufu resistance to analog signal form 
We largely suppress outbreak of thermal noise by adoption of merufu resistance and realize translucency at high level by growth in particular. 

Rubicon PML film condenser adoption to analog signal form condenser of high-quality sound
We reduce a feeling of peak, a feeling of noise in thing using film system condenser and realize fluent sound quality. 

Adoption of six levels of Fylde beer build up boards supporting high-quality sound 
It is contribution for low tone and free and easy high-pitched tone, clear vocal sound that adopt Fylde beer structure and low conductivity board on board, and were tightened. 

New development charge pump type analog power supply circuit 
Adopt independent charge pump power supply, and ±7V is enough for analog circuit op-amp power supply; supply power, and improve ability for drive of Headphones, and emphasize a feeling of reduction and stereo of crosstalk. 

Three kinds of digital filter deployment 
It is selectable with three kinds of digital filters by sound source. Because we incorporate each sound collar, flexibility can also decide sound quality easily. 

The deployment of 5 Band EQ functions to enable high sound quality adjustment 
Graphic EQ divides frequency at regular intervals and can regulate each marginal level. ※Band fixation 

Direct operation reproduction by rotary encoder 
Menu manipulations adopt rotary encoder which is available for intuitive operation. 

We adopt space material carbon fiber resin to box body 
We adopt carbon fiber resin which has solidity that is equal to aluminum material with it to resin moiety of 80% of box bodies and are superior design in high stiffness, electromagnetic cover characteristics, lightness.