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Onkyo DP-S1

Onkyo DP-S1

Brand: Onkyo
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There is a groundswell of audio available in high quality formats like DSD, FLAC and WAV, and an accompanying desire to play such files on the go.  For the past two years, Onkyo has announced high quality digital audio players that meet the needs of many.  With the launch of our DP-X1 and DP-X1A, we introduced many to the wonders of balanced output.  Not to rest on our laurels, we went back to the drawing board and looked at the resources we have amassed over the years in our AVR products and component audio to bring about a device that is far more compact than our previous offerings without sacrificing audio quality.


We managed to squeeze into the compact body (W:63 x H:94 x D:15mm), 5.6MHz native DSD, 192kHz/32bit FLAC/WAV support, the ability to upscale other compressed audio and streaming audio support.  Not to skimp on audio performance, we have incorporated twin ESS SABRE DAC and Headphone amps in a fully balanced circuit design. We have also managed to include both a 3.5mm headphone jack and a 2.5mm 4 pole balanced jack for clear and wide soundstage recreation.  Along with standard BTL drive and the power increase that can be enjoyed from the twin DACs, we have included Active Control GND drive as well greater stability.  The on board 16GB of storage can be accompanied with two microSD card slots, allowing for up to 416GB of audio storage, giving you the ability to carry a large library of HiRes audio, and a sizable library of compressed audio.  With support for both WiFi and Bluetooth, gain the ability to access streaming audio, and to connect to many peripheral devices as well. 


Based on knowhow from years of AV receiver and component audio design

Relying on our years of experience in audio engineering, bring about the artist and sound engineer’s sound in the palm of your hand

• Native support for DSD 5.6MHz, 192kHz/32bit FLAC/WAV

• Twin ESS technology’s SABRE DAC ES9018C2M” and SABRE “9601K”amps in fully balanced circuit layout for the highest possible sound quality and wide sound stage.

• Symmetric layout with equidistant signal path for DAC and amp chips with isolated power circuit 

• Support for both standard BTL balance circuitry, Active Control GND allows the two DAC outputs to work in tandem for L-GND/R-GND “0V” lock to eliminate any distortion, broadening the sound stage while remaining clear. 

• Separate 44.1kHz and 48kHz clocks that automatically switch depending on the audio source

• Calculated down to the micron, the chassis casing is milled from a single block of aluminum to achieve both structural rigidity and improve signal quality. 


Balanced output for access to even higher quality audio

• enjoy greater signal separation available from the 2.5mm 4 pole balanced output jack, selectable BTL drive, Active Control GND drive, and line out mode

• 3.5mm unbalanced headphone jack with line out mode


6 types of sound arrangements to customize to your heart’s content

• Lock Range Adjust with 7 points of selection to lower jitter to its minimum

• 3 types of digital filters(Sharp/Slow/Short) 

• Upsampling up to 192kHz to improve both compressed and streaming audio quality

• HiBit mode to expand 16bit/24bit depth audio up to 32bit to achieve near analog like smoother sound

• 10 band equalizer with 6 presets(Flat/Pop/Rock/Jazz/Dance/Vocal) with up to 3 saved customized setting

• Bass enhancer with 5 levels of kick


Quick access via touch screen (capacity touch)

• 2.4 inch touchscreen

• every function within reach of your thumb

• track information available at a glance

• full color album artwork


Remote operation via smartphone app “Onkyo DapController”

• leave your DP-S1 in your bag and control it via a smartphone with Bluetooth Low Energy support.  Control playback, track advance, volume and other basic functions from your smartphone.  Available on both iOS and Android, download for free on the App Store or GooglePlay


Other features

• create playlists on the DP-S1

• individual buttons for playback/pause, track advance(FF/REW) without needed to turn on the screen to operate

• Free X-DAP Link software for Windows to transfer music files

• 61 step volume knob

• Hold switch to keep unexpected operation

• Low/Normal/High gain settings to match a wide range of headphones