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AKG K3003i

AKG K3003i

Brand: AKG
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The AKG K3003 uses the world's smallest three-way speaker system to devastating effect. Using a conventional bass driver paired with dual balanced armature drivers for the mid-range and treble gives the K3003i a vast dynamic range. This means that the K3003i earphones not only pick out every nuance of treble and mid-range detail but also dig out deeper bass than many high-end full size headphones. The power, weight and sheer attack of these headphones is truly astonishing given their tiny size. Yet a strong dynamic range is only part of the story with these headphones. In terms of transparency these earphones are difficult to beat by anything other than actually being there. They won't flatter a poor recording but if you want to hear every texture and subtle detail of music, you won't find a better device - just make sure your source is up to scratch!

Should you wish to tweak the sound towards more bass or treble then there's a range of screw-in filters supplied with the earphones. Use one filter to boost the bass, another to boost the treble or just stick with the neutral reference filter for the most balanced sound quality.

Matching the reference sound quality is a reassuringly solid construction quality. Brushed, stainless steel enclosures and matching remote give these headphones both a luxurious feel and durable appeal. A wide variety of anti-allergenic, latex-free tips are supplied - ensuring you get the very best fit for the best sound quality and maximum outside noise rejection. As you'd expect for this money, the earphones also come supplied with a beautifully crafted leather carry case.